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Dr. Justin Rowley, DPT

"I love hearing that patients can once again return to activities that they enjoy doing"

Dr. Ariella Brunkhurst, DPT

Motivated to deliver the highest quality and most personalized care possible to each and every client

"my goal is to help each person move pain free and increase the longevity of their career and hobbies"

Treated thousands of patients with experience at some of the top physical therapy clinics in the united states 

the physical therapists

Partner with Patch because they believe that convenient, personalized care is the quickest route to faster recovery!

Patch only partners with the highest-quality, experienced physical therapists. Each physical therapist undergoes a strict vetting process to make sure Patch clients are only seeing the best possible providers

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Follow Up On-Site Visits

Let us know when and where you would like to be treated.  Book online or by texting or calling (914) 510-2028.

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You physical therapist travels to you to create a personalized care plan.  Securely pay online or over the phone.  

On-Site Evaluation

The best physical therapy care plan is often one that requires multiple visits.  Book follow up visits with the same or new PT!  



Free Consultation

Speak with our physicians to discuss your condition and goals, and  to match you with the therapist that best fits your needs.

how patch works

there is more time for care.

There are no surprises with Patch. You know the cost of care before you book.  Claims, health savings account, or insurance questions? the Patch support team will help you navigate through all of the confusion. 

costs are clear and simple.

Ultimate convenience and better care. By visiting you at your home, office, or gym, your physical therapist gets a better picture of your life and daily activities. This means they can personalize your care plan more than a traditional physical therapist. 

Patch physical therapists spend on average FOUR TIMES longer with a client than traditional physical therapists. That means neither you nor your PT is rushed - there is plenty of time to develop the correct plan of care.  

health begins where you are.

a better way to see the physical therapist

" I am so happy to have found Patch!  Post-surgery, I know I will get the care I need and am very happy I don't have to rely on anyone to drive me to visits."

New York City

Patch Client

" My mom had 20 visits with 20 different physical therapists and none of them were good.  I found Patch, and finally she had a great physical therapy visit! "


" Patch was better than any other exercise I had done and I wish I had done it sooner. I finally feel like I am over the hump with my shoulder pain! "

Patch Client

Patch Client


Patch physical therapists have a wide range of expertise,  so Patch can match you with a provider specific to your conditions and goals, to help you feel better, fast!

Injury Prevention and Physical Assessments

Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation

Women's Health Visits

Patch physical therapists can help with conditions ranging from knee pain to post-surgical rehab.

Manual Therapy + Specialty Services

Complex Rehabilitation

Post-partum return to exercise, pelvic floor rehab and other women's health conditions.

Experience treating spinal cord, brain injury, stroke, cardiac, and pulmonary rehab clients. 

Personalized evaluations, gait, balance and fall risk assessments, running performance screening & more!

Patch can treat your everything

Patch physical therapists are trained in manual therapy, kinesiotaping, dry needling, and other services

live pain and injury free

Transparent Pricing

1 visit per month with licensed and vetted physical therapist, personalized care plan, unlimited communication with PT

60 minute personalized, on-site visit with licensed and vetted physical therapist specializing in complex conditions

Monthly Visits



starting at

60 minute personalized, on-site visit with licensed and vetted physical therapist for more standard conditions 

Complex Visit

Standard Visit


Always know what you will pay BEFORE you see the physical therapist

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Recognition and Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Injuries Does Patch Help With?

We are out of network at this time.  You may be able to file for reimbursement with your insurer to qualify for partial or complete insurance coverage.  We can help you with that process.  However, you can use an HSA / FSA if you have a prescription.

Is PATCH covered by Insurance?

Patch has a large network of physical therapists that specialize in all types of conditions.  Anything from an ankle sprain to an ACL to a more complex hamstring injury, Patch's partner physical therapists can handle.  PT can also help with a range of other conditions, like balance training or new moms getting back into exercise.  Check out our blog here on 10 ways PT can help!

Where Do You Operate?

We are currently serving New York City, Nashville, and Denver.  We will be expanding to more cities soon!  Want to have Patch available in your city? Let us know!

Are You a Physical Therapist?  Join us!

Better Physical Therapy, Anywhere You Want!

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